Schrodinger’s Development

A frog, a vial of poison, and a radioactive element are all placed into a box.  If an internal monitor detects radiation then the vial breaks or something.

Point is, the frog is neither alive nor dead.

Or something like that.

Zombie Frog.

Quantum mechanics is complicated.  Lets move on.

MECH6 is dead.  I don’t feel like maintaining a website for a dead entity.  Due to the weird development roller coaster that was FROG SORD, I ended up paying for a crap ton of web domains out of pocket.  Web domains are expensive so I figured I might as well do something with one of them.

So I’m blogging here now.

Is FROG SORD dead.  Sort of.  It is also completed.  Sort of.

Now to cover the common questions:

Q:  Will FROG SORD ever be finished?

A:  Maybe.  Probably.  I’m pretty determined but there are a lot of obstacles.  I’d like to carry on with the game as you’ve all seen it in the January demo, but that might not be the case.  Despite having enough art to release, I might need it all redone from scratch anyway.

I am definitely working on FROG SORD.  I love FROG SORD.  I want to see it finished and put out there for people to enjoy.  Whether or not I can make that happen depends on a lot of things.

Q:  So you don’t know?

A:  That’s not a question.

Q:  So, if you’re “working on” a game that might never go anywhere, what the hell is the point of this blog?

A:  I owned the domain.  I am a cheapskate.  I’m working on other projects too and I’ll be talking about them here as well, but I didn’t want to shell out the extra cash for when I already owned

Also I can host the FROG SORD demo here and feel a bit better about myself than just maintaining a website for a dead company for the sake of a demo.

Q:  OK… so who the hell are you again?

A:  Dammit.  My name is Ryan Swarner.  I go by Sarge on TIGsource, ChainsawSam on Reddit, and SergeantIndie on twitter.  Creating FROG SORD was a bit of a cluster with everyone doing a bit of everything, but I designed the character, wrote the story, designed and tuned the gameplay, designed levels, wrote a bit of the code, and was generally in charge of the creative aspect of the game.

Q:  No you’re not.  That other guy…

A:  Dammit.  That “other guy” is Zack Bell.  He was my partner from day one of official development and decided he wanted to handle most of the code.  He also had a hand in level design and some other design decisions as well as being a sounding board and filter for some of my more absurd ideas.

When things fell apart he called dibs on the Twitter account.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now I constantly have to answer the question “who the hell are you?”

Zack and I are still on good terms.  He is working on a game from a jam he recently attended.  You can follow its development here.



I try to visit indie hang outs in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.  If you know of anything coming up, feel free to let me know.

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